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Rat Race

You are not in the world, the world is in you.

Sound "new age" enough for you? Well let's put aside our egos for a minute because they are what got us into this mess in the first place.

So we've been examining our own belly buttons for something like a hundred years now? Which is great. It's good. Thank you Freud, thank you Jung, for all your insufficiencies you have brought us some good things, you have brought us around to where we are now which is a lot less abusive with our children and a lot more angry at our parents and a lot more questioning of the status quo and the great big Daddy in the sky.

But maybe it's time again for a bit of a perspective change - back out to the world.

I'm like you. I spend a lot of time tsking at the floods and the wild fires and the thick black air my baby now has to breathe but I still drive to work - because - I have to - and I don't recycle as much as I should - because it's questionable whether or not recycling is any better on the environment than dumping it out for the seagulls to digest. I have changed all my light bulbs but that coal burning plant is still in it's blueprint stage and set to be built not far away.

The Bush administration blinks its great monstrous eyes blankly at the rest of the developed nations and turns to us to fill us in about this thing called terrorists.

I had a friend who wouldn't sit on a dandelion free yard for fear of 'the chemicals' that got it that shade of neon green. I think I laughed in his face.

I am terrified of becoming a clueless hippie and I am way too tired to starve myself on the capital steps.

But here's the reality. The earth is heating up. Sure there is no proof that it is my gas hungry car or my incandescent light bulbs or the rat race that is at fault. But we have people burning in San Diego, and drowning in New Orleans and warring over land in Africa. We are stirring up the last people on earth who even remember who the earth is, they are coming from Alaska and Hawaii and they are bringing us a warning.

The facts are, we have not been industrialized for long. We have not been so hungry for resources from the beginning of time. There is proof this way of life is limited. The UN is telling us so, as are scientists, politicians, peace keepers and spiritual leaders.There's a chance we have no control, it's true. But there is a distinctive possibility we do. If you believe at all that we are divine, that this earth and its creatures are divine, why in the world would you wait for God in the sky to fix it for you? Why wouldn't you believe in the possibility that we create our world, our reality and our experience - that we have the intelligence, the power and the will to create a world of peace, beauty and sustainability. Even if it means something as little as clean air to breath - or a car that smells like popcorn, why would you fight that for any other reason other than the simple fact that you are addicted to your pain?

The freeway was stifled with cars this morning and the moon was choked by a mud mix of smog and smoke from our neighbors in California.

So are we divine? Or are we asleep? And is it going to take a catastrophe in our own neighborhood to wake us up?

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8:32 a.m. - 2007-10-26


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